Nick Meloy

Nick Meloy

Designer / Developer / Outdoorsman

Nick Meloy

What I Do

I'm Nick Meloy, a vivid, passionate Designer / Developer from Duncansville, PA. I am currently a User Interface Designer for Sheetz. I LOVE learning new technologies and techniques for my craft and incorporating them in my everyday work. Some of my favorite dev technologies would be Java, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5, SASS... the list goes on forever.

Nick Meloy

My Life

Outside of making websites and images, I spend my time outside. I am a super duper avid fly fisherman; some say it's an obsession, I say it's just a passion. I also have a Shiba Inu (doge), named Max. We hang out, it's cool. Other than my two top hobbies (fly fishing and doge), I enjoy just being outside. Whether it's just walking the dog, barn raising, going to a water park or the occasional pickup baseball game, everything outdoors excites me.

Nick Meloy

Happily Crafted Work


    Client: WebSoft, Inc.

    Highlights: ASP.NET, some design.

  • Urban Assault

    Client: Urban Assault

    Highlights: Custom WordPress Theme, complete design.

  • Zombie Assault

    Client: Urban Assault.

    Highlights: Hand-drawn logo, custom registration plugin (manipulated)

  • United We Fish

    Client: Personal.

    Design Type: T-Shirt

  • Sensodyne Global

    Client: GSK

    Highlights: ASP.NET, Umbraco

  • Royce Union Bikes

    Client: Huffy

    Highlights: ASP.NET, complete design.

  • Huffy's Green Machine

    Client: Huffy

    Highlights: Javascript 3D rotate rool, ASP.NET

  • Recycle Campaign

    Client: Personal.

    Highlights: Custom parallax functioning, hand-drawn elements / graphics.

  • Auto Salon

    Client: Auto Salon

    Highlights: Hand-drawn graphics / logo.

  • Catch & Release

    Client: Personal.

    Design Type: T-Shirt

  • Boulder Hollow

    Client: Boulder Hollow

    Highlights: Custom WordPress theme, complete design.

  • Trout Mosaic

    Client: Personal.

    Design Type: T-Shirt

  • Venn Hatch Diagram

    Client: Personal.

    Highlights: Hand-drawn graphics.

    Design Type: T-Shirt

  • Bugwater Fly Company

    Client: Bighorn Angler

    Highlights: Custom Woocommerce WordPress Theme, Complete Design.

  • Vintage Anglr Tee

    Client: Personal.

    Highlights: Hand-lettered logo, fish.

    Design Type: T-Shirt

  • Anglr

    Client: Personal.

    Highlights: Custom WordPress theme, responsive design, ecommerce.

  • Montana Fishing Merchants Logo

    Client: Montana Fishing Merchants

    Design Type: Logo

  • Montana Fishing Merchants

    Design & Development Work. Custom WordPress Theme

Nick Meloy


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