start at home
  • What can you do at home?

  • Acquire a few recycle bins from your local municipality or city. They're usually free.
  • Place these bins close to any trash can, so it's easy for your family to remember.
  • Sort and take out the recycling on your local recycling company's schedule.
  • Spread the word to other families to get involved.
start at the office
  • What can you do at the office?

  • Start talking to your boss or supervisor about recycling.
  • Once the recycling containers are acquired, place them in convenient areas, beside trash cans.
  • Spread the word in the office, send out an email blast, or hang signs. Make sure every employee knows that the office is a recycling office.
  • Provide incentives for recycling, like office parties. A few cities do this now.
  • If all these methods fail, talk to a local city-worker or council member to help you with your office's needs.
start at home
  • Get involved in your town.

  • Help spread the word about residential recycling.
  • Participate in trash clean ups. Some of this material can be recycled.
  • Participate in town recycling meetings.
  • Tour your local recycling facility.
  • Learn about new and exciting recycling facts and methods.
start at home
  • Be a self-proclaimed recycle superstar.

  • Strike up conversations with peers. Tell them all the cool stuff you learned on this site.
  • Use your favorite social media tool to spread the word about recycling, and also tell them all the cool stuff you learned here.
  • Travel around boasting about how you recycled tons of products, and how you're using cool recycled material.
  • Be a leader: start a group to promote recycling, create campaigns, spread the word as best as you can.
start at home
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